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Blue Callisto is the consulting company you need for accompanying you in the world of multi-support applications.

We build high quality solutions that answers real problems of today and tomorrow software industry.

Our work focus on Flash platform and HTML5 based solutions, to deliver a unique experience accross all possible devices (desktop, web, tablet, mobile, etc.).

Quality, everyday, everywhere

Building enterprise softwares is part of our daily life, and it taught us that success always come through investment. Blue Callisto will bring you the experience we acquired on the field, working on some of the largest Flex enterprise projects of the world in the financial sector.

Because software development is much more than code, we're aiming to help you with agile methodologies and the best available tools to ensure the success of your project.

To find your own way in today's web ecosystem, you will need professionals that knows how to build scalable, efficient and modular softwares. Don't look further, we're just what you need.

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Blue Callisto provides different services to enterprises willing to create Flash-based or HTML5 projects or simply improve their existing process and products. Feel free to contact us regarding any of our following specialties:

If you have any question regarding our services, availibity and prices, please use the link below to drop us an email. We'll do our best to answer you quickly.

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